Pet-friendly inspired clean living

Expand Pet-friendly Housing with Dog DNA!

Step 1 - Dog DNA Cheek Swab Kit and Test for Each New Resident!

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For Easy-to-follow Cheek Swab Instructional Video Click here!

Step 2 - Dog Waste Collection Kit if un-scooped Dog Poop is found.

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For Easy-to follow waste Collection Instructional Video Click Here!

Bring pet-friendly clean living to your Condo or Apartment this spring...

  • Developers are focusing more than ever on delivering luxury pet-friendly amenities.

  • Quick and easy DNA registration - Immediate results!

  • Dog DNA registered properties attract "responsible pet-owners" and result in a clean living property.

2600+ luxury inspired clean pet-friendly

Condos, Apartments & growing!

But, Wait there's more...

Even if you're not looking to change

your pet policy.

* Free "Pet Profile Builder" for Each Resident

Personalized Resident Pet Profile

Complete Pet Details

Quick, Easy & Securely Stored

Discounts on Genetic Pet Health Tests!


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PDF Version!


Fur kid: Storm

Robert & Sean of Steelhouse Apartments

“Storm absolutely LOVES living at a PooPrints Pet friendly property because there is a ton of outdoor space to runaround and play and he meets a different dog each and every day.”

Fur kid: Bianca

Guardian: Alyssa of International Village Apartments

“My Wolf Sable Pomeranian, “(Proudly showing off her green PooPrints tag) When you live where it's -35 degrees you've got to bundle up! We live at the International Village apartments. Bianca loves living in a PooPrints pet friendly property, she gets to play and see other dogs everyday as well as the ever amazing staff in the office that always have hugs and treats on hand. ❤ I love the easily accessible PooPrints clean up bags at every single door of our building!” 

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